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Welcome to my personal photo gallery. If you are a frequent visitor, you might want to check out the latest images or see some of the comments left by other visitors. If you are here the first time, have a look at the most viewed images to see some popular photos. If you would like to copy or use one of the photos or images seen on this site, please ask me first, thank you!

Photoshop Tutorials posted on October 13, 2005
There is a new addition to this website. Starting from today, I will be posting some tips and tricks for Photoshop. Nothing fancy but simply a collection of some tips I found useful and things I've been asked to explain.

As with anything done in Photoshop, there are probably several ways to do it. My way of doing it, isn't necessary the best but to me, it seems to work. Take it as reference, ignore it or use it, I will leave the decision up to you.

Contact Me posted on October 7, 2005
After a request from several visitors, I've added a contact page. There, you can read about this website, the photographer, the webmaster, the copyright for the photos found on this site and more.

Yes, there is an e-mail address there too, so you can write to me directly, without leaving a comment in the photo gallery.

Visiting Kyoto posted on October 7, 2005
The weather wasn't that good recently but I still visited Kyoto, with its many temples. The places were crowded with tourists as usual but I managed to get some photos with almost nobody in the frame except the temple and some photos with people posing for me.

Thank you to my "models", it was fun and you can see the results in the photo gallery.


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